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A Voyage Of Self-Discovery.

As part of the creative team at Anya Hindmarch we produced the What Planet Are You On? digital campaign that allows users to create beautifully-designed, humorous, personalised charts based on their date of birth.

Each personalised chart presents astrological facts such as your ruling planet (Saturn – ‘If you like it then you’d better put a ring on it’) as well as humorous anecdotes such as your age in dog years, the amount of energy the candles on your next birthday cake would produce and your fortune for the day.

WHATPLANETAREYOUON.COM micro site has been created for mobile and desktop to engage the customer with the show concept and to enable them to create their own unique chart by entering their name and date of birth.

Boldly go on an astro-biological journey to discover your universal truths, astro-facts and space oddities.

This project was awarded the Decoded Fashion Futures 'Beyond the Runway' Award which recognises the most creative use of technology to engage with, promote and connect during and beyond the runway.

Decoded Fashion Futures Award